“Come&Live!'s documentaries of its bands on missional tours around the world really began to make us think. Come&Live! bands became a template for us as musicians, demonstrating how we could use music as a platform to share the Gospel message.”

DENS is a four-piece rock band based in Richmond, Virginia, that finds its mission in using music as a platform to creatively and honestly explore the themes of faith, hope, redemption, and grace. The band believes that using art to serve Jesus is powerful and significant when it's done with excellence, and with a focus on both truth and love. From the album to the stage, DENS seeks to find the overlap between energetic entertainment and contemplative reverence, while finding a voice all their own.

In 2016, this voice resulted in the release of their freshman album, From Small Seeds Come Giant Trees, a full-length record born out of the band’s experiences doing shows and sharing the Gospel in Lithuania.

DENS loves to play anywhere that will put them in front of people who would never come to a church, because that's who they want to reach. Their songs have a clear message, yet they also serve to move the audience into a deeper consideration of their more obvious meaning. The band’s album comes coupled with a mini-book of art prints and devotional reflections that correspond with each song, leading the listener along the thread of the full message of the album.

“At the end of the day, we want our music to be part of something bigger than ourselves. We want to use it to introduce the lost to the transcendent beauty of the Lord, His creation, and His plan of redemption for sinners. Our partnership with Come&Live! is about encouraging the creative community, and spurring each other to fulfill the piece of God’s mission with which we’ve been entrusted.”



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