Alegorica was formed in 2010 in São Paulo, Brazil by Steiger missionary and Provoke & Inspire podcast contributor, Luke Greenwood. Their performance brings together musicians and actors interacting with live VJ images, dance and special effects, all synchronized in an elaborate scenography and modern language.

Alegorica’s experimental electronic rock and costume design, inspired by elements from steampunk to industrial, creates a dynamic, fast-moving show, drawing in all types of audiences. The band’s performance takes a look at pressing, contemporary issues, offering an enlightening and reflective message.

“We truly believe in art as an awesome, God-given gift, that allows us to express ourselves and connect deeply with others. It’s very powerful when we play, and one of the highlights for us is after our show is over, when we get to talk to people.”

“We want to see more and more people getting the chance to know about what real love is: Jesus, who gave His life in favor of others. And we want to help people to develop their relationship with Him, to have their worldview completely changed, and live a new life in Christ.”

Besides performing in clubs and festivals locally in São Paulo and in other Brazilian states, the band has done several international tours in Finland, Russia, Germany, Portugal, Chile and Lebanon.

The year 2016 marked the beginning of a fresh season for Alegorica, with a brand new lineup, and a renewed show with a unique concept, original songs and special effects. During this year, they also joined the Come&Live! family of artists.

“What we like most about Come&Live! is the powerful vision they have to encourage artists to use their art to proclaim the Good News: that Jesus can make people fully alive, and we should all make the most out of every opportunity we have to share His message of love, forgiveness and redemption.”



C&L! Artist Interview - Alegorica

27 Sep 2016

Meet Alegorica, the latest addition to the C&L! Artist roster. A team of Brazilians, passionate about sharing clearly who Jesus is in a powerful and creative way. I recently was…

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