The Brazilian band Medulla began in 2005, when vocalist twin brothers, Keops and Raony from Pernambuco partnered with Sao Paulo-born Alex Vinicius (guitars and synth) and Tuti AC (bass). That same year, Medulla released their first album "O Fim da Trégua" (The End of the Truce). Medulla's showcase of their Sony debut achieved national acclaim when it was considered the revelation of the April Pro Rock Festival by O Globo newspaper. Since then, the band has continued to develop its unique blend of rock, jazz, hip hop, manguebeat and Brazilian rhythms, gaining a major role in Brazil's independent music scene.

"Being a Christian artist in the secular music scene isn't so easy to deal with every day," Alex confides, "and clearly sharing the message of the Gospel at every show is definitely a challenge… but I want to do it! The Come&Live! family has been helping me to have the wisdom and courage to do just that. It's encouraging to know that I'm part of a community that has my back, and that is praying for me when I'm on the road, in the studio, or doing interviews."

Throughout the year, Alex Vinicius actively tours with Medulla in Brazil, along with playing guitar in the hardcore band Life to Live, who he's been with since 2006. During the summer months, he joins the Steiger/Come&Live! band No Longer Music as rhythm guitarist.

"I want God to use me to preach His message, and to see lots of new artists in Brazil get inspired by what He will do through me!"



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