Apply to be a Come&Live! Artist

Come&Live! Artists proclaim the revolutionary message of Jesus through their art and their platform, and make every effort to share the fruit of their ministry with the broader Come&Live! Community, as well as their friends and supporters.

We are deeply humbled that you are interested in becoming part of our community of artists.

This application assists the team at Come&Live! in determining whether we are a good fit to partner together. As you begin this application process, please know that we desire your 100% honesty and transparency. You do not have to “save face” or pretend to have it more together than what you do. Let’s face it, as exciting as this journey might be, it’s also going to be extremely challenging. Our hope is that through this application we would have a better understanding of where your heart as a artist is at and how best we might be able to serve you.

All applications are confidential and will not be shared outside of those in C&L! that review them.

Thank you for considering a partnership with Come&Live!

Why be a C&L! Artist?

Come&Live! supports, encourages, and equips its artist partners through:

  • Personal mentorship and strategic guidance from people who have been walking out this calling with excellence
  • Access to “invite only” teaching and training events, and to periodic retreats
  • Connection to the worldwide Come&Live! Community
  • Features on the Come&Live! website, social media and Provoke & Inspire podcast, sharing about their ministry’s impact for the Gospel