Least of These consists of 4 young men from the DFW area in Texas, who simply want to know Christ more deeply. They are a band set on writing honest, passionate, and heartfelt lyrics put to music that is equally as passionate. Least of These is a band that doesn't try to fit in a mold, but writes whatever is put on their hearts no matter what the sound is.

Since 2012, LoT continues to tour the entire US playing in front of more and more people while expanding their market.

Their newest album, Mere Image, is available on iTunes and all other music sources! Be on the look out for LoT to be in your area soon!

"In the time they’ve been a band, it can certainly be said of the Least of These that they create music with vision. A vision that is able to elevate the soul, while still being grounded enough to reach the core of humanity....putting all labels aside for the moment, it’s evident LOT put their entire heart into these tunes, and thankfully don’t lack the aptitude to make the music speak to us....A journey that can have you on top of the world one minute, then screaming for a moment of peace the next. Perhaps, that is what I like most about this record, the overall humility. You won’t find sharp critiques of the church, or sounding as if they have everything worked out. They exude an attitude that says the only thing they know for sure is the pronounced need for sustenance and reliance found only in Christ, a fact that surely hits home for me." - Scott Swan of Indie Vision Music on Mere Image.

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