Two months and counting!
What has taken over three years to shoot and edit is nearly here.
We’re thrilled to share this compelling story with you.

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September 26 / Bogota, Colombia - Procinal Cinema – 8PM

September 30 / San Jose, Costa Rica – Teatro Eugene O’neil – 7PM
October 23 / Nashville, TN – The Belcourt Theater – 7PM
(Note: This event is also the 2014 C&L! fundraiser. Attendance is free by         invitation only. Email for an invitation request.)
October 24 / Nashville, TN – This Is Kingdom: A Night of Worship – 7PM
(Featuring Ascend the Hill, The Glorious Unseen, The Ember Days with speakers Tommy Green & Chad Johnson)
October 25 / Nashville, TN – Provoke and Inspire
    (This is a special all day training event for artists and creatives. In partnership with Steiger International. More information TBA.)

3. Host your own exclusive pre-screening House Party!

- During the week of October 15th – 22nd, we have over 110 confirmed House Parties where the Colombia Documentary will be shared within organic settings all over the world.

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[Risk No. 725] Venus was at our local CVS pharmacy when I pulled up to the drive-thru to pick-up antibiotics for my wife. I love praying for my family when they’re hurting and we’ve seen Jesus deliver on many occasions. In this case, we weren’t seeing instant (or clear) breakthrough and the Dr suggested drugs. Even this – when I don’t understand – God is working together for good. While I sat in my car waiting for the Pharmacist to return to the speaker, I was struggling – wrestling – to succumb to anything but God’s presence for my wife. But EVEN – especially – when I don’t see miracles happen, my prayer to Jesus is “take me deeper.”

Jesus began speaking to me about this Pharmacist and how He felt about her.  I asked Venus about her left shoulder? She skeptically asked why I asked. Shared how Jesus gives me understanding over others and how I felt He may be showing me what was going on with her. She admitted to a car accident 2 years prior that had left her with a left shoulder issue. I prayed, from my car, over her shoulder and asked her to move it around. “Well, it doesn’t hurt now but I’ll probably have to have surgery.” No you won’t.

Had the picture of God holding an umbrella over her head protecting her from bombs that were falling down around her. She seemed shocked. I was honestly pretty shocked. Thank You, Father – for increasing faith in us when we DON’T see instantly what You’ve paid such a sweet price for. The devil would love nothing more than to deter me – us – from living love all around us by causing questions in our heads to speak louder than hope in our hearts.

To read more, or learn how to grow as a risk-taker yourself, visit Chad’s blog here.

The voice-overs (recorded in English & Spanish!) are now finished and the editing process is rolling smoothly with the first year footage being near complete. It feels as though it’s been so long since we first visited Colombia, but watching the Year One edit reminded me how incredible a time even our first year was. Years two and three will require much attention in the editing process as we have far more footage and story-line to pull together.

It’s official, the title for our Colombia Documentary is “Colombia [Esto Es Reino]“. Esto Es Reino –  This Is Kingdom – was a phrase our friends Joani and Tommy discovered along the way to express God’s kingdom touching down powerfully in the normal everyday of our lives. As suggested above, we are thrilled to release both English & Spanish versions of the story.

Though it’s a very short peek, we wanted to share this quick intro clip with you. Stay tuned for more clips like this as we’ll do our best to continue updating you along the way.

P.S. We have an ambitious goal of launching the Documentary with 100 “Viewings” around the world during release week (This Fall – Date TBA). If you’re interested in hosting an organic screening (in your living room, at church, movie theater, youth group, etc.) please email with “Esto Es Reino” in the subject line.