33 Ways to take Love-inspired Risks in 33 Days

November 21st – December 23rd

We invite you to join us for a 33 day journey toward seeing This Generation Loving Jesus!

Step 1: Watch Colombia [Esto Es Reino] – A Come&Live! documentary aimed at advancing the Kingdom and awakening the world.

Step 2: Read several risks here to further encourage your heart.

Step 3: Ask Jesus to fill you with a passion and compassion to love those around you as He loves.

Step 4: Join and trust Jesus to give you beautiful opportunities to take love-inspired risks everywhere you go from Nov. 21st to Dec. 23rd. (Receive a daily challenge, along with encouragement on our Facebook page.)

You may ask God for a daily opportunity to love a neighbor or you may want to go spend a couple of hours each week taking multiple risks.

Why 33?

For one, this is the age Jesus lived, in the flesh, on earth. He was (and is) the perfect risk-taking example. These risks are aimed to bring Him glory. What better way to enter Christmas than to share with your friends and family how God worked through YOU to touch people all around.

This 33 Day Risk challenge Starts officially on Friday, November 21st thru Tuesday, December 23rd. Each risk will be posted the day prior. The goal is to take each of these risks, not necessarily on the day they are posted, or in the order they are posted, but within the 33 day timeframe.

Record your awesome AND awkward moments as comments on

Here are the 33 risks if you’d like an early heads-up on where we’re going:

1. Tim Lambesis – take a moment to pray, specifically asking God to give you an encouraging word or Bible verse for Tim. Write what comes to your heart as a comment on facebook/com/comeandlive. November 21st is his 34th Birthday. We’ll take these words/verses and pass them along to him.

2. Smile at a stranger – regardless of what kind of day you’re having.

3. Ask a stranger their name.

4. Smile, ask a stranger their name, and tell them Jesus loves them.

5. Post a link to the Colombia Documentary on your Facebook page and share what Jesus is teaching you through it – include His name!

6. Serve your family or those you live with in a sacrificial way – do something special (by cleaning the house, making dinner, washing the dishes/car, etc.)

7. Memorize a Bible verse today and ask God for at least one person you could share it with to encourage their hearts.

8. Call someone you don’t often talk to and remind them how grateful you are for them.

9. Encourage your parents – Ask God to give you a word of encouragement/Bible verse for your parents and encourage them with it.

10. Invite someone to church – Ask God for one person in your work week that you can invite to church.

11. Pick a person at random from your Facebook friends, ask God how He sees them, and send them a message with whatever you sense Him sharing with you.

12. Call someone else you don’t often talk to and ask them how you can be praying for them. Say a prayer for them over the phone.

13. Call a family member that you haven’t talked to in a while and encourage them. Then ask how you can be praying for them. Pray for them over the phone.

14. Encourage your family to pray together. Lead a time of prayer if they’re willing.

15. Next time you eat out at a restaurant, ask your server their name and how you can pray for them. Offer your hand, and say a quick prayer/blessing over them.

16. The next time you go out to eat, tip your server like you were tipping yourself. Suggested tip: $20 or more.

17. Pray about going on a short-term missions trip in 2015. Look into options and possibilities.

18. Spend a day fasting and praying – specifically that God would increase your passion for the lost and hurting.

19. Invite someone over for dinner that you don’t normally invite. Treat them to a great meal – no McDonald’s.

20. Ask God to bring you to someone who needs to be invited into relationship with him. Be aware and be ready to share the Gospel.

21. Hear a story – Buy a homeless person a meal and ask them to share their story with you.

22. Visit your local grocery store and find one person to encourage or pray for.

23. Find one person in your day with an obvious physical ailment and ask them what happened/their story. Offer to pray. Command pain to go/problem to be fixed.

24. Get together with some friends and spend an hour or two asking God to show you people to pray for/encourage in your community.

25. Give something away to someone who has a need for that item. Ask friends if they’re aware of anyone who needs whatever the item is.

26. The next time you check out at the store, ask your clerk how they are doing and how you can pray for them. Ask if they deal with any pain or physical issues.

27. When you’re at church, ask God for one person you can pray over or encourage.

28. Fast from all social media and TV/Movies for a day. No FB, IG, Twitter, etc. Use your extra time to talk to those around you.

29. Ask God to give you a Bible verse for someone you come across. Share the verse, and what you believe is it’s application, as the Holy Spirit directs.

30. Ask God to give you an encouraging word or picture for someone you come across.

31. Ask God to give you a “word of knowledge” for someone He desires to heal. Listen to your heart, and be ready to share whatever you hear with whomever you feel the word applies to.

32. Date night – Give an offering to your parents (or a couple that you know) to spend on a date and offer to watch their kids/your siblings.

33. Visit your local hospital, pick any floor, and ask the first nurse you find if there’s anyone on that floor that could really use prayer. Share with the nurse how you’re on the 33 risk journey and ask how you can pray for them. Pray for them and whoever they direct you to. Pray for anyone else in the Hospital as the Lord leads.

Two months and counting!
What has taken over three years to shoot and edit is nearly here.
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[Risk No. 725] Venus was at our local CVS pharmacy when I pulled up to the drive-thru to pick-up antibiotics for my wife. I love praying for my family when they’re hurting and we’ve seen Jesus deliver on many occasions. In this case, we weren’t seeing instant (or clear) breakthrough and the Dr suggested drugs. Even this – when I don’t understand – God is working together for good. While I sat in my car waiting for the Pharmacist to return to the speaker, I was struggling – wrestling – to succumb to anything but God’s presence for my wife. But EVEN – especially – when I don’t see miracles happen, my prayer to Jesus is “take me deeper.”

Jesus began speaking to me about this Pharmacist and how He felt about her.  I asked Venus about her left shoulder? She skeptically asked why I asked. Shared how Jesus gives me understanding over others and how I felt He may be showing me what was going on with her. She admitted to a car accident 2 years prior that had left her with a left shoulder issue. I prayed, from my car, over her shoulder and asked her to move it around. “Well, it doesn’t hurt now but I’ll probably have to have surgery.” No you won’t.

Had the picture of God holding an umbrella over her head protecting her from bombs that were falling down around her. She seemed shocked. I was honestly pretty shocked. Thank You, Father – for increasing faith in us when we DON’T see instantly what You’ve paid such a sweet price for. The devil would love nothing more than to deter me – us – from living love all around us by causing questions in our heads to speak louder than hope in our hearts.

To read more, or learn how to grow as a risk-taker yourself, visit Chad’s blog here.