Brian “Head” Welch found his musical calling at age eleven when he picked up his first guitar, and then shortly after high school, he co-founded the metal band, Korn. They soon became a Grammy award-winning, multi-platinum act that shot to the top tier of the rock world and dominated the new metal movement of the late Nineties.

Yet as the band continued to reach new creative and commercial heights, Brian found himself drowning in the excesses of rock and roll. Far from immune to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Brian became addicted to crystal meth, spiraling out of control while continuing to sell millions of albums. He gamely but unsuccessfully tried to balance his career and his obligations as a single father to his daughter Jennea.

Then in 2005, he resigned from Korn and surrendered his life totally to Jesus Christ. He began redirecting his energy toward growing as a Christian, learning to love as a better father, and starting a new musical career.

“Over the past ten years, Jesus has walked with me through the most intense suffering of my life—not to punish me, but to cleanse me. Everything I went through was God’s way of bringing all the worst traits in me to the surface so he could take them away from me once and for all.”

He first came in contact with Come&Live! at the Cornerstone Festival back in 2010, and what stood out about him, both back then, and in knowing him more closely now, has been his relational intimacy with Jesus.

“It’s all about intimacy with God. It’s about sharing your life and becoming one with Him and He with you, and asking Him how you can be effective. There is a strategy that is unique to every situation. What I love about Come&Live! is that they are pushing people, and supporting people, to go out and follow their calling.”

Eight years after leaving the band, Brian felt called to go back to Korn and use the platform he has, to share Jesus with fans after the shows. His life and story are testimony to the power of God to reconcile the hearts of men in the least likely of circumstances. Brian tours the world for a living, while also balancing the precarious act of being a full-time, single father. He relentlessly loves people with a connectedness that spells time well-spent with Jesus.

“I used to think God wanted me to walk away from my band Korn and the whole crazy metal scene for good. But now I know God’s real purpose in leading me away from that world was not to remove me from it completely; it was to prepare me for going back into it. I needed to get stronger physically, emotionally, and spiritually, so I could go back and be a light in the darkness for millions of lost and hurting people—people who may never set foot in a church, but who will come out to hear us play and lose themselves in our music."



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