Twenty five years ago, Mark Mohr launched the band Christafari, with a mission to reach the lost at any cost. Over the years, however, he was haunted by the reality that third world nations and poverty-stricken, developing countries couldn't even afford to fly in a single member of their band, let alone the entire crew. Christafari then decided the answer was in becoming musicianaries—full-time, musical missionaries—willing to travel to the ends of the earth in an effort to preach the Gospel to those who could never afford them in conventional terms.

“In 2012, after going to a country called New Caledonia, I really felt like God was downloading the new firmware for Christafari: the 2.0 version. This version was to take the list of countries we had been going to at the time, for over almost a quarter of a century, and to flip it upside-down. No longer was America, England, or Canada at the top. Now places like Colombia, the Philippines, Kenya, and so on became our focus. We were going to go to the poorest of the poor, the places that can’t even afford to bring you out.”

Christafari became part of the Come&Live! family in 2016, as they realized that we can do so much more together than we can do apart.

“Our hope is that other bands would realize that what we’re doing—and what many people are calling revolutionary— really isn’t. It’s called Christianity; it’s called the great commandment: love God and love others. And the great commission: go and tell others. We want to see other bands start to latch on to that and say: “You know what? Maybe we should also be driven by this same vision and mission, and not by where the money is. Maybe we should be driven by where the need is and not by how we can become famous.”

Not only does the band travel the world performing shows to crowds of thousands, but they have the privilege of being the hands and feet of Jesus by visiting hospitals, serving at orphanages, and feeding and clothing the poor.

Christafari are convinced that Jesus has commanded them to deliver His message to the ends of the earth, not only to countries that can afford them. And their mission is simple: To the ends of the earth until all have heard, and until all have heard, we’re not quitting.



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