It’s 10 pm on a tropical Saturday night, as Delta Fleet pulls up to the venue—a bar in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii, flanked by nightclubs and strip joints with neon signs—the sort of place you wouldn’t want your kids to see. Their set isn’t for another hour, but they routinely show up early to socialize and support the other performers, now turned friends.

They’ll be awake early the next morning to lead worship at their church, Grace Fellowship Hawaii, but for now their minds are focused on a different mission: reaching those who won’t be going to church tomorrow—or maybe have never stepped foot in a church in their lives.

As they haul their gear through the parking garage, the faint smell of marijuana and cigarettes lingers in the air. A hippie-looking dude standing by his car offers them psychedelic mushrooms as they pass by. They politely refuse, but later talk about how they should have prayed for him instead.

Thankfully, that would be just one of many opportunities for them to share Christ’s love that evening.

Later on, in between blaring, sing-along choruses, frontman Jacob Pierce launches into an impromptu, heart-bearing monologue about “a man who healed the sick, hung out with the outcasts of society and had compassion on sinners.” The audience is surprisingly attentive as he shares, and their following song reveals the mystery figure’s identity:

Then came our Rescue, then came our Hope / Our death He died and our chains He broke / He rose triumphant so now we know / by His wounds we are saved / by His wounds we are made whole / Hallelujah, the battle is won / Hallelujah to Jesus, the victorious Son / He has paid the price once for all (time).

This is a snapshot of the ministry of Delta Fleet, a four-piece rock ensemble whose hearts are set on sharing God’s love and message of salvation in their mission field - the Honolulu music scene.

"Years ago, I (Jacob) stumbled upon the Come&Live! website while searching for new music, and I was interested in some of the albums they had on offer. Some time later, after we had already launched Delta Fleet and were actively trying to use our band as a means of sharing Christ in our local scene, we came across the Provoke & Inspire podcast. At that time, we weren't aware of anyone else out there trying to use music for evangelism the way we were, so to learn that not only were there others doing it, but that they were doing it on a much broader scale, was really encouraging. Eventually, we ended up ordering the book Revolutionary and going through it as a band.

We love the single-mindedness of Come&Live! and their unwavering dedication to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We love that they see the value in using art not only for worship, or for Christian entertainment, but also as a means of reaching the lost. As we serve together, we look forward to learning more about how we can be most effective in bringing glory to Jesus through our ministry. We’re also stoked for the chance to network with other similar-minded artists from around the globe.

Delta Fleet is part of a larger community of like-minded artists on Oahu, and we hope that our partnership with Come&Live! will be a valuable connection and resource for the rest of our artists, as well."


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