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Can you tell me more about starting a Fast Friday group in my area?

Yes! The process is very simple – See this page.

Do you offer internships? How does your internship program work?

Why, Yes! This is still a work in progress but we have felt the Lord lead us to select most interns, all of whom serve in a non-paid position typically for the length of a regular school semester, through our partnership with local schools and churches. If you don’t live here in Nashville, TN, or aren’t part of a school/church locally, feel free to email us a resume- with the subject line as “INTERNSHIP INTEREST” – we’re happy to look it over!

How do I book a Come&Live! artist to serve at my event?

Most of our artists handle their bookings directly. Check out their home pages for direct booking information. Many of our artists are available/willing to partner with you for a variety of events.

How do I book a Come&Live! event or speaker?

The starting point is an email to Please include the location, date, other participants, honorarium information and as much information related to the event as possible.

How does my band go about officially joining Come&Live!?

We are most interested in partnering with artists who are already walking inspired by the Spirit of the living God; artists who are serious about their Jesus journey. Due to demand, a small staff, and very limited time we are forced to be extremely selective on new artists we officially bring on board. As you may already know, our heart is to equip artists and others, to walk with them and see them grow in their relationship with God and neighbors. This process is rarely quick or easy. Our heart’s desire is to partner with artists serious about awakening a generation to the love of Jesus. If you feel that you fit the description above and would like to make a submission for consideration, you can begin the process here.

I have skills/assets Come&Live! could benefit from. Can I volunteer my time or make a non-cash donation?

It is not uncommon for us to work with many different individuals who are in a flexible position to offer their creative services but do not work with us as full-time missionaries. We also can work with creative non-cash donations such as stocks/bonds/product/etc. Please let us know where you’d like to help. We can happily provide tax write-off’s for IRS approved non-cash donations.

I love what you guys are doing! How can I help?

Wow, Thanks! Learn about how you can engage with Come&Live! here.

I want a job at Come&Live! Are you hiring?

It is an incredible honor that you would even think about working with us. Our small, but active staff personally raises 100% of their salaries to work here. You are welcome to email a copy of your resume to for consideration. Whether it be working with us, or anyone else, we pray Jesus guides you to that opportunity which is best suited for you to His glory.

Is Come&Live! a record label?

Though God has situated us in the heart of Christian Music & Publishing industry world, we are not structured as a record label. The purpose of a record label is to sell records, of which we’ve never done. C&L! does not operate by legal contracts, profit margins or conventional music norms. We see ourselves simply as a non-profit missions community that exclusively exists to see This Generation Loving Jesus.

I’m making a video! Can I use one (or many) of your songs?

Most likely, Yes! You will need to contact the individual artist (the writer/s of the song/s) to get their final permission. Many of our artists are licensed via The Music Bed and rights to their songs can be acquired on their website. Others handle licensing directly. Please refer to each artist website to contact the artists and secure proper permissions.

None of your questions answered my question. Bummer! What now?

Bum out city homey! We’re sorry! Please email us and we’ll do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.

What rights does my church or youth group need in order to start singing Come&Live! songs during services or events?

Currently, your worship teams may use any of the songs on our website absolutely free during your worship services/events.

Please credit the artist, their song, and direct people to on your slides (Example: “The Reform” by Ascend The Hill available as a gift from

Some of our artists are registered with CCLI so we request that you comply with regular CCLI reporting with usage.

NOTE: This is not a license for usage in promotional or marketing materials or videos. Those publishing licenses must be acquired by permission directly from the artist.



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