Q. How can I help Come&Live!

A. There are a few things you can that would be a huge help to us.

1. Please commit to pray for us. {James 5:16} You may also consider joining us for Fast Friday. {Is. 58:6&7}

2. Donate. Support us with a special gift or join our monthly financial support team at any amount. We are 100% funded by the generosity of individuals like yourself. {2 Cor. 9: 6&7}

3. Support our artists. You can do this by praying for them, going to their shows, buying their merchandise, or even by opening your home to them or bringing them cookies on the road.

4. You have the right to copy and share our music. Spread the word about Come&Live!

5. Start a local Fast Friday chapter in your area and commit to fasting and praying with us every Friday.

6. Talk to your pastor or church elders and ask them to consider adding Come&Live! as a ministry they support. Share with them what C&L! means to you and why you feel we’re worthy of their support.

Q. Is C&L! hiring?

A. No. We are not currently hiring, however, you are welcome to email a copy of your resume to info@comeandlive.com.

Q. Does C&L! offer internships?

A. Yes. If you are interested, please send a resume and a letter explaining why you would like to intern for C&L! to info@comeandlive.com

Q. How does my band become a part of C&L! ?

A. Unfortunately due to demand and very limited time, we are forced to be extremely selective on new artists we work with. As you may already know, our heart is to train and mentor artists, to walk with them and see them grow in their relationship with God. This is something we take very seriously, therefore, taking on more bands than we can handle would mean not pouring into each artist as much as we desire.

Q. How do I book a C&L! band to play at my venue/church?

A. Check out the individual artist’s page for booking info on this website or check one of the their official websites for information on how you might be able to book them. Many of our bands handle their own booking so it may be necessary to contact them directly.

Q. How do I book a C&L! speaker to share at my venue/church?

A. Email info@comeandlive.com. Please include the location, date, theme and focus of the event.

Q. Can you tell me more about starting a Fast Friday chapter in my area?

A. Yes! It is actually a very simple thing to do. Here’s what you need…

1. A group of people committed to meeting every Friday.

2. A place to meet. (This can be a home, dorm room, etc.)

3. A print out of the Fast Friday email we send every Friday morning at 6       am. We encourage you to spend time praying over the requests, as well as the needs of the people in your group. It is our hope and dream that one day there will be hundreds of Fast Friday chapters all over the world.

Q. What rights do my church or youth group need to start singing Come&Live! songs during services/events?

A. Currently, you may use any of the songs on our website absolutely free during your worship services/events. Please credit the artist, their song, and direct people to comeandlive.com on your slides (Example: “The Reform” by Ascend The Hill available from www.comeandlive.com)

Q. I’m making a video for promotional use. Can I use any of your songs in my video?

A. As long as you are not selling the video, you may use any of our songs.

B. If you are planning to sell the video, please email info@comeandlive.com and we’ll work with you on a case-by-case basis.

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