Heroic Nation is a French EDM (electronic Dance Music) band led by brother and sister duo, Jeremie and Lydie. They share a passion for delivering the message of God’s love to their generation through music.

“We want to see thousands responding to the Gospel message. Our hope is that Come&Live! would grow to where thousands of Christian artists are devoted to spreading the love of Jesus to people who normally would never step inside a church. We would love to see more and more artists with that kind of vision!! And, of course, we want Heroic Nation to be part of that huge revival in France, in Europe and in the world!”

Heroic Nation is reaching out to today’s youth with the same style of music they hear on the radio. People can organize an event and invite young people, confident that they will come because the band is playing electronic music and they want to dance. So OK—let’s dance!

"When you turn on the radio, there's often great music, but with no real message. We want to give young people an explosion of good music, but also a message—the message of God's love for them."

“After one year of partnership with Come&Live!, all we can say is that we have found a new family. We hold each other up in prayer, we share our news and our difficulties, and we always feel supported. It's wonderful to be surrounded by such a great team! And God has also opened so many doors through this partnership, that we never could have imagined!”



C&L! Artist Interview: Heroic Nation

15 Jun 2016

Heroic Nation are the latest addition to our C&L! artist roster. Comprised of the brother-sister duo; Jeremie and Lydie, from France, Heroic Nation are an EDM band with a contagious…

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