IGSOL members are the backbone of Come&Live!

You amplify our voice and provide key training resources to raise creative artists who are proclaiming the name of Jesus outside the church!
Your monthly commitment to Come&Live! funds:

  • The production, distribution and marketing of C&L!’s high quality "Provoke & Inspire" articles and podcasts
    • Reaching tens of thousands of people each month

  • C&L! to facilitate FREE "Provoke & Inspire" seminars and workshops around the world
    • Goal in 2018: 10 FREE worldwide events reaching 1,000 artists.

  • The C&L! artist mentorship and development program, including 1-1 mentorship, prayer calls, webinars, workshops and other resources
    • 25 artists in 2018

  • C&L! to empower artists to proclaim the Gospel to thousands of unchurched people all over the world every year!

Our long-term vision is to raise up 100 Come&Live! artists proclaiming the Gospel to at least one million peopleoutside of the church, annually.

We are a worldwide community of artists committed to proclaiming the revolutionary message of Jesus through our art and platform.