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Thank you for considering our Special Financial Support Team, “I Give So Others Live!,” with a monthly recurring donation. This team consists of those who are led by the Lord to give on a monthly basis for the specific purposes of discipleship, evangelism and missions.

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Please consider joining our Special Financial Support Team, “I Give So Others Live!,” with a monthly recurring donation by clicking the button below.

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Every dollar donated as an “IGSOL!” member allows Come&Live! to:

1. MAKE disciples of {musicianaries}.
2. PROVOKE & INSPIRE all men towards the love of Jesus.
3. EQUIP a community of Jesus followers.
4. RELEASE the love of the Father to a spiritually impoverished generation.

1. GIFT Gospel-driven music to over 169 countries.
2. SEND us to our MISSION FIELD at festivals, tours, & conferences.
3. COVER day-to-day operational costs of running a 501(c)3.
4. ADVANCE THE KINGDOM through financial assistance to artists.
5. CONTRIBUTE 100% of our profits to the needs of others.

IGSOL! memberships start at just $10.00 a month (the price of a digital CD on iTunes). There is no limit on the length of your giving, although our hope is that you would consider supporting us for the long haul. To change or increase your giving, please email igsol@comeandlive.com

Come&Live! is a non-profit missions organization recognized by the U.S. Government as Tax Exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the IRC. All donations are Tax-Deductible.

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