Jharmaine cleverly weaves together poetry, storytelling, acting, oration and grace, into a unique performing art to proclaim the message of Jesus. Since 2014, she has been regularly performing in festivals, comedy clubs, open mic nights and any other event where her art is welcome. God has also given her a particular heart for women, and for creating art that moves them to think deeply and respond passionately with a life fully submitted to Christ.

“As an artist, I had initially wrestled with how to go about performing in secular venues. I had questions like, “What does it mean to surrender my art to God?” and “Does all my art need to have a message?”. Sometimes I felt fearless and other times, I wanted to hold back and not share the Gospel, and I wondered if this was normal. When I discovered that Come&Live! was not only seeking to help artists become excellent in their craft and build disciples, but also to surrender their own art to God and get to know Him more deeply, I knew I wanted to be a part of this.”

“Through partnering with Come&Live!, I believe that God will provide the opportunity to form new friendships, birth new projects and opportunities to work with other artists, make more creative art and grow in my craft, both individually and with others. I’m drawn to Come&Live!’s heart to encourage artists to create beautiful art that points people to Jesus.”



Artist Interview: Jharmaine Boyd

10 Oct 2017

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Come&Live! artist Jharmaine Boyd, about being a performance artist for Jesus in Chicago. It was so encouraging to hear the many different…

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