Least of These

Least of These is an aggressive indie/post-hardcore/rock band from Denton, TX. With influences like Thrice, As Cities Burn, and So Long Forgotten, Least of These writes heavy-hitting, melodic rock songs with passionate lyrics to share their intense love that they have for promoting their faith through music. We thank God for the opportunity to be able to do this, and we appreciate all of you for taking the time to listen.

“This EP, More Than Conquerors, is a passionate collection of songs put together by an extremely talented group of four guys based out of Denton, Texas….Each song has an incredibly heartfelt message and meaning which makes the album feel inspired, not only by the ideas of the writer, but by the voice of our Almighty God speaking straight to the songwriter…This album is a great one if you like indie rock with meaningful passionate lyrics. Even though this is only a seven track EP, in some ways it feels like the perfect amount of music. But it also in other ways doesn’t feel like enough. It has a really kind of bittersweet ending which left me feeling satisfied. I definitely recommend checking out this band and album.” – Cimarron Hatch – Indie Vision Music

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