MS Skate Ministry exists to share the love of Jesus through skateboarding. Eight years ago, founder Mike Steinkamp realized that God gave him a unique platform in the skateboarding culture, and he knew that God was calling him to use his influence in a dark community to share the light of the Gospel.

“I chose to join Come&Live! because when I was younger, I played in a metal band and we absolutely loved all of the artists that Come&Live! represented and how bold they were about proclaiming the good news of Jesus. After I stopped playing in bands and God opened up the doors for me to start a skateboard ministry, I wanted to partner with like-hearted ministries that might use a different platform such as music and the arts, but that have an unwavering dedication to the Gospel—and to me that is exactly what Come&Live! is and does.”

“I would love to see God use this partnership to open up doors of influence through both of the cultures represented. I would love to see skateboarders fall more in love with Jesus, and use Come&Live! as a tool to sharpen and grow their artistic abilities to glorify their Creator.”

MS Skate Ministry equips leaders around the world with resources to share the message of Jesus, whether it be through their 12-week teaching curriculum, skateboarding Gospel tracts, or ministry videos. They are passionate about seeing skateboarders fall in love with Jesus!

“I’m using my art and talents to glorify God through creating short videos and films that mix skateboarding and a relevant Gospel message. The entire skateboarding culture is built around videos, so I want to use the ones that I create as a way to reach the core of the skateboarding culture with the message of Jesus.”

As a professional skateboarder, Mike remains well-connected to the skateboarding community, and travels year round doing outreach events and speaking at churches and conferences.

"The most important thing to me about Come&Live! is its commitment to always be talking about Jesus. Come&Live! isn't just trying to create a roster of the best bands or artists, or become a watered-down media outlet that entertains a Christian audience. I love Come&Live! because it is on a mission to change our culture into a people that truly love and follow God."



Artist Interview: Mike Steinkamp

08 May 2018

I was excited to speak with Come&Live! artist Mike Steinkamp and to hear about his skateboard ministry! His story is both inspiring and encouraging for those who want to reach…

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