Moah is the lead singer and frontman of Lumière, a heavy rock band from Sao Paulo, Brazil, formed by Henrique Feher, Wallace Sousa and Lucas Donato. Lumière’s strong lyrics and counter-cultural message stand against the pressures of a postmodern world, bringing hope in the midst of chaos. The band delivers an intense show, during which Moah boldly shares about our need for awakening.

Moah grew tired of seeing the people of his city dying because of violence and depression, or living with no purpose - slaves of modern society. He believes that art and entertainment are two of the most powerful tools we can use to communicate a message to our generation. And for a generation that is so desperately without hope, it’s clear that the Gospel needs to be proclaimed in an equally intense way.

“Society is in crisis, we are all suffering, and depression, violence, and individualism are clear evidence of this. But I make it very clear that our message is one of hope in the midst of this craziness. I’m very direct in sharing the story of who Jesus is from stage, and then I tell the audience that we are available to talk after the show, and we’d like to get to know each one of them.”

“When we’re done performing, I go straight into the crowd to talk with people and pray for them. This is also what I’ve always done with my solo rap project. We’re seeing amazing fruit from this in Brazil, and we can’t wait to take our show to other parts of the world - to see many more people’s lives transformed by the powerful message of the Gospel!”

Moah grew up in Brazil surrounded by rap and hardcore music, and since 2007, he has played in bands in this same scene. When he began his journey of faith in 2011, he wanted to learn more about how to share the message of Jesus through his art. He was invited to participate in the Steiger Missions School in 2012, along with three other fellow musicians. It was an incredibly transformational experience for him to meet so many radical artists who were communicating the Gospel clearly and relevantly.

Since then, he has been involved with Steiger Brazil, and has been organizing Provoke & Inspire Seminars in his country, sharing Come&Live!’s vision with other Brazilian artists.

“Come&Live! is one of the few organizations, if not the only one, that has the sole objective of preaching the Gospel through art and entertainment! I love their vision to take the message of Jesus outside the Church through the use of the arts, because this is how I was reached - while watching a rock show in a secular club, hearing the band’s frontman share about his relationship with Christ.”



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