No Longer Music (NLM) is an evangelistic, music and theater production led by David Pierce. For over thirty years, NLM has used the stage to communicate the Gospel of Jesus in nightclubs, city squares and festivals, to young people who would never step foot into a church.

No Longer Music’s show is a dramatic, contemporary depiction of the story of Jesus, including a powerful crucifixion and resurrection scene, which is geared toward the global youth culture, ranging from 17–30 years of age. The show uses a creative blend of live, modern music, stage drama, dance, circus arts, video projection and special effects to present a relevant yet clear Gospel message.

“We had spent time with Chad Johnson while we were on tour in Europe, and we discovered that we have the same heart and DNA to reach people for Jesus! So, we decided to join forces, knowing that together we would be stronger. We love Come&Live!’s unapologetic mission to tell people the truth about God’s love through music and art!”



Episode 172: Balanced People Don’t Change the World!

In this episode, Ben demands an explanation for why David hates the word “balanced.” David shares his deep conviction that nothing significant is accomplished by balanced people, with a balanced effort.He…

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Episode 171: Talking Intimacy with Jesus & Spiritual Power with Brian Head from Korn!

Brian "Head" Welch from the band Korn joins the podcast and shares how he stays spiritually healthy amid his crazy life. We discuss intimacy with Jesus and the power of…

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Episode 170: Lessons Learned from Sharing the Gospel on MTV Lebanon.

In this episode, David and Ben share practical tips for how to share the Gospel with people outside the church. They break down an interview David did on MTV Lebanon…

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Episode 169: The World Needs to Hear More About Our Failures, Not Our Perfection. A Conversation with Steve Brown.

In our latest podcast, we talk with bible teacher and radio personality, Steve Brown. Steve shares his insight from over 50 years of public ministry. We discuss whether self-righteousness is…

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Episode 168: That’s Great That God Changes People over There, but That Won’t Work Here!

Does God work the same all over the world? Will people respond to the Gospel in the USA the same way they do in Russia?Ben and David talk about this…

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Episode 167: Raising Kids That Will Want to Follow Jesus.

Are we raising our kids to believe something that is just a set of good habits and morals or are we showing them what it truly means to have a…

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Episode 166: Hell, Overseas Missions, F-Bombs, and Other Related Topics.

In this bonus episode of the Provoke&Inspire podcast Ben and David answer questions sent in from our community. They look at what makes overseas missions unique and why it’s important,…

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Episode 165: We Need Broken Hearts More Than Clever Words!

In this episode of the podcast, Luke returns and joins David and Ben as they dig into the topic of relevance. Due to high demand the guys take another look…

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Episode 164: Taylor Swift Thinks We're Bigots. Is She Right?

In this unplanned episode of the podcast David and Ben discuss Taylor Swift’s new single “You Should Calm Down” and its scathing attack on the abuse of LGBT community at…

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Episode 163: The World Thinks We’re Weird, and It’s Our Fault!

In this episode, David shares about his day as a wedding singer in southeastern Turkey. The guys then move on the critical subject of relevance. They ask whether we have…

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