No Longer Music (NLM) is an evangelistic, music and theater production led by David Pierce. For over thirty years, NLM has used the stage to communicate the Gospel of Jesus in nightclubs, city squares and festivals, to young people who would never step foot into a church.

No Longer Music’s show is a dramatic, contemporary depiction of the story of Jesus, including a powerful crucifixion and resurrection scene, which is geared toward the global youth culture, ranging from 17–30 years of age. The show uses a creative blend of live, modern music, stage drama, dance, circus arts, video projection and special effects to present a relevant yet clear Gospel message.

“We had spent time with Chad Johnson while we were on tour in Europe, and we discovered that we have the same heart and DNA to reach people for Jesus! So, we decided to join forces, knowing that together we would be stronger. We love Come&Live!’s unapologetic mission to tell people the truth about God’s love through music and art!”



Episode 196: Are We Supposed to Be Heresy Police?

In this episode, Ben, David, and Luke discuss the hot topic of heresy in the church.They ask, “should we be the modern-day heresy police?” and, “how should we properly call…

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Episode 195: Stop Setting Human Goals and Start Changing the World!

In this episode, Ben and David discuss the idea that It’s not enough to just have a vision for our lives, but that we need to have Godly burdens.Related to…

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Random Lies

14 Jan 2020

If anyone tells you that the world is just a random result of time plus chance, they expose the contradiction in this theory just by using language to communicate it…

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Episode 194: Stop Trying to Be Famous for Jesus! Another Awesome Conversation With Chip Ingram!

In this episode, Ben and David talk once again with influential pastor and author Chip Ingram! They discuss questions such as, "how do you have spiritual ambition, without it yielding…

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Episode 193: Things Christians Assume About Atheists That Drive Them Crazy!

In this episode, Ben, David, and Luke discuss a video from taken from the YouTube channel titled Mr. Atheist which highlights assumptions Christians often make about Atheistic people. The guys discuss…

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Episode 192: Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

In this episode David and Ben take time out of the busy Christmas season to address a community member's question about humor.They discuss if God actually has a sense of…

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Episode 191: Talking Yoga, Meditation, Karma, and Long-Haired Dudes with Steven Bancarz

In this episode, Ben and David chat with prominent New Age thinker turned Christian apologist, Steven Bancarz.They ask questions such as, "is meditation harmful or helpful?" "are New Age ideas…

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Our Deepest Desires Will Never Be Fulfilled in This World

16 Dec 2019

King Solomon was an ancient ruler of unparalleled power, wealth, and wisdom. He lived a life of luxury and pleasure - there was nothing he did not have, and yet…

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Episode 190: Billie Eilish, Xanax, and Finding Meaning in A Post-God World

In this episode, Ben, David, and Luke talk about the cultural demographic in which singer-songwriter Billie Eilish has risen to stardom.They discuss its epidemic of suicide, drug use, addiction, and…

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John the Baptist Goes Viral!

09 Dec 2019

Just once, I would like something I do to go viral. I know it's cliche, but it would be exhilarating. Unfortunately, this is the goal of most millennials, making it…

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