Nuteki, a band whose members hail from both Belarus and Russia, is committed to the very simple and clear purpose of preaching the Gospel, and challenging people to become followers of Jesus.

“We want to reach youth all over the world for Christ using music, which is the universal language.”

Nuteki first connected with Steiger as a mission after meeting David Pierce and later deciding to attend the Steiger Missions School. Joining Come&Live! was then a natural progression for them, as they had felt very alone in what they were doing, and were in search of a community of artists with the same vision: to radically share the Gospel.

“We like that it’s a global movement with strong, deep values and principles that challenge us not only to be professional musicians, but also strong Christians.”

Through their partnership with Come&Live!, Nuteki wants to create a successful missionary model for other musicians and artists, showing them how they can reach the world for Jesus through their art.

“We preach the Gospel openly and constantly through our tours (around 70 concerts a year, reaching about 60,000 people), sharing about what Jesus has done for each of us, and giving our audience the opportunity to respond through prayer. We’ve also created a 16-week course for non-believers called #6pmWorld, which is happening weekly in more than 18 cities, enabling young people to learn more about God in a relevant way.”

“God put a word on our heart eight years ago and it’s our main slogan, known to everyone who knows our band: ‘Together we can change the world’.”



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