In this episode, Ben, Chad, and David welcome Shane Claiborne back to the show for a conversation about how we should live as Christians during this time, how we can embrace a lifestyle of non-violence, and see God's kingdom come in the area of racial reconciliation.

In this episode, Ben is joined by Courtney, and Jodi for a discussion on entering the battle of faith, finding true rest, and how Jesus radically redefines it all.

In this episode, Ben is joined by Chad and David for a discussion on God's power, and 2 Timothy 2:3-5.

They discuss questions such as, "what does it mean to be a soldier?" and "why did Paul liken the Christian life to being one?" They also ask, "what is the posture of a follower of Jesus to a very broken world?

Our culture praises superficial understanding and expressing opinions, often without the expertise to do so. But one thing that is not valued in our culture is humility, and admitting that we need to grow. One of the greatest barriers to growth of every kind is the unwillingness to acknowledge and learn from our mistakes.

In this episode, the guys explain the phenomenon known as 'Cancel Culture.' The idea that a person of influence is publicly shamed and/or de-platformed because they express an opinion that falls outside of mainstream ideology. 

They discuss the often overlooked 'Cancel Culture' in Christian culture, and why this is so dangerous. 

You won't want to miss this critical conversation! 

In this episode, Ben, David, Luke, Chad, and Aaron discuss the ability to discern truth in an age of tribalism, bias, and binary thinking.

In this episode, Ben, Chad, and Luke are joined once again by Professor Nancey Pearcey for a discussion on human value, sexuality, worldview, and being made in God's image.

In this episode, Ben is joined by the ladies and special guest Cyrena Bell Denniston - worship leader and vocalist for the metal band 'Seed' in Minneapolis, MN.

They discuss how, in light of the tragedy of George Floyd - as well as the systemic racism in our world, we need to take advantage of this window where people will actually listen, and ask ourselves, "what are we going to do to change ourselves in this time?"

Tuesday, 02 June 2020 16:32

Episode 242: Words CAN Change The World!

In this episode, Ben, David, Chad, and a mysteriously tardy Luke come together for a conversation on the power of speech, and how it can indeed change the world.

In light of the worldwide outrage surrounding the death of George Floyd, including the millions stating their opinions online, one can feel that his/her voice has no effect in the grand scheme of things. The guys discuss, with the help of impeccable Jordan Peterson logic, that whoever you are, you need to be speaking, because your voice IS heard, and needs to be heard.

Jordan Peterson Video: https://bit.ly/2ABmMKM

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