Revolutionary Week 2017

When the world burns, how can we remain silent? The Global Youth Culture cries out for answers and they deserve to hear the truth.
  • Saturday, 01 April 2017 11:51

June 19-24, 2017
Steiger International Center
Am Park 6-8 01665
Krögis, Germany (near Dresden)

The Global Youth Culture, connected by consumerism, social media, and the entertainment industry, forms the largest unreached people group ever to exist.

They are growing up in broken homes and raised on violent movies and pornography. They spend hours online, and look to pop stars and celebrities to guide them. They want something to believe in, but reject any absolute truth. They desire real relationships, but devote hours living in virtual reality. They fight for equality, yet believe in a worldview that reduces them to insignificance. They are continually lied to, which leaves them empty and spiritually vacant.

God’s heart is broken for this lost generation.

During the Revolutionary Week, you will receive teaching on how to reach this new global culture and get a taste for Steiger and our missions school. You will learn principles about how to communicate Jesus to a global, urban and secularized society. The teaching and discussions take place in a contemplative environment, where you will have an opportunity to seek God in a focused and undistracted way.

There is no costs to participate in Revolutionary week!

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