Episode 194: Stop Trying to Be Famous for Jesus! Another Awesome Conversation With Chip Ingram!

In this episode, Ben and David talk once again with influential pastor and author Chip Ingram! They discuss questions such as, "how do you have spiritual ambition, without it yielding anxieties?", and "What does it mean to Abide, as taught in John 15?".

They share how their New Year's resolutions are going as of the one week mark, David chronicles his family's pet history, and Nigel strikes again all on this week's episode of P&I!

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Living On The Edge with Pastor Chip Ingram

  • Thursday, 09 January 2020 13:44
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  • Episode 192: Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

    In this episode David and Ben take time out of the busy Christmas season to address a community member's question about humor.

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  • Episode 191: Talking Yoga, Meditation, Karma, and Long-Haired Dudes with Steven Bancarz

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