Do we value success over what God is calling us to do? This time on “Why Am I Silent?”, we take a look at how we can be unwilling to present the Gospel’s message clearly through our art, due to the inherent risk of forfeiting fame or commercial success.
Sometimes as artists/musicians, we may remain silent because not all the members of our group/band agree that we should share the Gospel through our art. What should you do if there’s division on this issue? We discuss this and more in this new episode of “Why Am I Silent?”.
Do I really need to preach the Gospel? Isn’t relational evangelism enough? In this episode of “Why Am I Silent?”, we talk about the mindset that preaching is unnecessary and that proclamation evangelism is outdated and ineffective in our culture.
We can often be drawn to “safer” messages like social justice or positivity, but they’re not the true Gospel. In this episode of “Why Am I Silent?”, we discuss this struggle and how the Gospel, while seemingly foolish, is really the most important and powerful message we can share.
In this episode of the series “Why Am I Silent?”, we discuss how we often hold back from sharing the Gospel because, deep down, we don’t really believe its core truth.
In this podcast, we interview hip-hop and spoken word artist Propaganda, who shares about his ministry, the particular challenges he faces and how God has been using him.
Thursday, 26 January 2017 14:00

Episode 33: Is Worship Heading For A Crash?

Is Worship Heading For A Crash?
Preaching The Gospel Through Rock N' Roll in The Middle East
We interviewed Steiger Missionary, Lukas Ruegger, uses creative means and social media to reach people in Lebanon and other parts of the Middleast.
Provoke And Inspire Minneapolis (Ben Pierce)