C&L! Artist Interview - Alegorica

Meet Alegorica, the latest addition to the C&L! Artist roster. A team of Brazilians, passionate about sharing clearly who Jesus is in a powerful and creative way. I recently was able to hear about what drives this incredible team of creatives from their servant-leader Bruno...
Bernie Cowan

Bernie is a Steiger missionary located in Tauranga, New Zealand.

Website: www.comeandlive.com

Meet Alegorica, the latest addition to the C&L! Artist roster. A team of Brazilians, passionate about sharing clearly who Jesus is in a powerful and creative way. I recently was able to hear about what drives this incredible team of creatives from their servant-leader Bruno...

What is Alegorica? How did it get started, and what is it today?

Alegorica started with Luke Greenwood in 2010, he had done tours with No Longer Music but felt that he should start a band like NLM here in Brazil. The idea was that Alegorica would carry on many of the values and principles that NLM has developed over the years. Even with all the changes - Luke Greenwood moving to Poland and me taking the leadership of it, for example, Alegorica’s purpose is still communicating the Cross in a creative way in a bunch of crazy places. Alegorica uses music, drama, and visual effects to share about Jesus in a way people understand.

What are some stories of how you’ve seen God move powerfully through Alegorica?

In the first tour we did we went to Germany, Finland, and Russia. When we were in Russia we were doing this show in an area that our promoter had no respect for; he said that it was a place of murderers and thieves - but that it would be a good place for us to do a show. I was feeling afraid. We went to the place for the show, and there were lots of cynical atheists, we didn’t know how the show was going to go, but we set up and got ready. We did the show, and there were a lot of drunk people in the crowd but at the end of the show, when Luke was preaching, the whole place went quiet, and everyone was listening. When Luke invited people to come forward everyone in the bar started clapping and encouraging people to come forward - I felt like I was back at my home church.
After we had prayed with all these people, the club owner (who was an atheist) came up to us and said, ”I loved the show, but you’ve done it too early - you should play again after midnight so that more people can see it.” So we played again later that night, and the same thing happened again.
It was one of those times where I was the most afraid before doing a show, but a time that God moved and touched people there.

What has God been teaching you and Alegorica recently?

We are in the middle of the process of composing a new show with new songs and everything. At times we get very anxious that we should be doing everything quickly, building a new show concept in a matter of months.

We often feel that it’s harder than what it should be. The music scene is constantly telling you to go out and do shows, but we feel we should be waiting on God. He’s been telling us that we need to hold on, be patient and take some time to create the right songs with the right message. He’s been telling us, “don’t worry about the timing, I’ll provide places for you to play when the time has come.”
So it’s a time of trusting God and waiting for his timing. As a band, we are taking the time to passionately seek God about how he wants to communicate through Alegorica, and it’s a real fight.

What are your dreams for Alegorica?

I believe that Alegorica can bring some change in Brazil. There’s all this political and financial crisis here, but I believe that the bigger problem here is that people are in desperate need for Jesus to come and touch their lives, that he is someone they must know.

I’ve been in clubs where nobody has wanted to know about God, but by the end, they’ve all gathered together for prayer and want to receive Jesus. I believe that God wants to use this for something big.

I don’t know if we are ever going to be a well-known band, but I want the opportunity to be able to do the show, lift up the cross and let as many people as possible know that Jesus is real. The funny thing is that the people who currently have these types of opportunities aren’t doing that!

This is the main goal and dream - to tell the truth to as many people as possible, to show them that they aren’t just dust, that they aren’t just a sophisticated monkey!

What’s your advice to the C&L! Community?

I would say that knowing why you’re doing this is the most important. When I started trying to do ministry, I was focused on the show - how best to perform, how to make great music and that was it. But since joining Alegorica I’ve learned that the big thing is getting involved with the people you are reaching, knowing them, getting involved with them, having relationships and loving them. So the show isn’t the big part of the night. The big part is after the show when you get to speak to people, and you get to know their dreams and their frustrations - this is the big moment of any show.
You have to know that when you are doing something like this, you’re doing it for the people that God loves. They are not your enemy; other bands are not your enemy. They are people that Jesus died for, and you are doing this for them because God loves them and wants them to know him.

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