Artist Interview: Moah of Lumière

 "If you want to start a conversation as a band, you start it from the stage." This inspiring quote is from our newest Come&Live! artist, Moah (of the band Lumière), as he explains how he uses his art to share the Gospel.

Katie Schaumann

Katie is a staff writer and part of Come&Live!’s Artist Relations and Development team.​

Welcome to the Come&Live! community, Moah! It is so cool that you are part of it.
Thank you!

Can you share a little bit about who you are?
I’m Moah from Brazil. I’ve been involved in the music scene since my teenage years - since age 14 or something. I always had this passion to see the world change, but I didn't see that I needed change myself. I was sad and I didn’t have a purpose in life, and then I met Jesus and He changed everything in me! I found hope and purpose, and now I have the privilege of traveling around the world to share His message with and without art. I just want to be a good servant of my Lord.

How did you come to know Jesus?
When I was a teenager, I had a friend that invited me to church. I was so sad and lost, and I didn’t think twice about going to church with this person because he was my friend Robson. I started thinking maybe God could be the answer I was looking for. Then me and Robson started a band. We wanted God to do something good, and I would share from the stage, “Be the change you want to see in the world!” - but we wanted more.

We invited my band to an event, and told them there would be this guy talking about a Jesus revolution and they should all come. When we got there, Luke Greenwood [now director of Steiger Europe] shared that the revolution starts from the inside out. God doesn’t change the situation. He changes the person, and then the person can change the situation. And this is more powerful than anything.

When he finished speaking, Luke came to us and asked us who we were and what we thought of his message. I told him, “Man, this is what I want to share with my band. This is the message I want to share with the world!” So we started these bible studies in secular places and they began to grow. My band was baptized and we started a true relationship with God. All of us. We met Jesus in a really radical way together. And now, here we are.


But now you’re in a different band called Lumière, right? How did that happen?
I was in several bands in the past but two years ago, I was without a band and was praying to God, saying, “This is my passion and where my heart is. Please open a door.” I played some reunion shows and I was really excited to play with these guys, and wanted to continue. But it wasn’t God's plan and I needed to trust in His will. During these concerts, I shared the Gospel from stage and it was so powerful. Many people came to me saying, “Moah, you need to be doing this more!” and for me it was kind of God answering my prayers, even though I didn’t have a band yet.

Then I moved to a new home and new area. There was a guy I met there - the guitarist for my band now - who was lost and without hope, looking for answers. He’s an amazing guitarist, and he was also without a band, struggling with life and not going to church. I told him how much I loved his gifts, and I said the only thing I wanted to do now was share who Jesus is through my gifts. He said, “OK. This is what I need. Can we try to do this together?” I said yes, but I needed to explain to him who Jesus is and that we needed to grow together and then he would decide for himself.

Now we have a band and there’s a great environment. This guitarist is being discipled and is growing and living faith in real life. He sees us sharing the Gospel from the stage and praying for people. We pray together every day and we are excited for our future and what God is doing with us. There are many purposes in this band - not just to share Jesus with our audience and other bands, but also to grow and share Jesus inside the band.

moah lumiere 002

How do you share the Gospel from stage during your concerts? And what is the response like?
I have this phrase for myself - “If you want to start a conversation as a band, you start it from the stage.” So if I have the microphone in my hand, I have control of the situation and I need to know these people, like Jesus did and does. If He was here, He would know what people are looking for - their hurts, their fears, their questions. That is what I need to know, and what I pray for. I feel like everyone in Brazil is desperate and looking for the truth.

So I just share, “There are many things happening in the world. We are desperate. We don’t have hope anymore. Many of our friends are committing suicide. Some of our friends are dead because of violence. But the message we have is a message about hope; it is about a guy who walked this earth talking about life, freedom, and hope. And He was killed by politics and by religion. His name is Jesus and He is alive and He loves you.”

People are open for the message but there are always people that will not like it, and that’s part of the process. We just need to follow what God has for us. Pray hard, seek Him, and He will open the doors and change hearts.


That is so encouraging for me. I’m part of a band here in the US and it’s hard sometimes, but that’s so true. We must pray hard and seek God first, and He will continue to move, open doors, and change hearts. It’s not our job to change hearts, but to be obedient to what He has called us to do. I hope this encourages all of our artists.

Yes! You need to be doing great work for God.

Moah, you’re very involved with both Steiger and Come&Live! in Brazil, and have been organizing the Manifest events. Can you tell us about them?
Manifest is a group of people that organize events with artists that have a powerful message. We believe that art is provocative and communicates a message. We want to support art that is relevant, and brings change and hope for this generation. Our focus is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the art scene outside of the Church, using creative and relevant events.

The vision of Manifest is to empower Christian artists to live in community with each other and to connect among themselves, with other artists, and with other creative people outside of the Church. For them to evangelize and disciple the art scene. Through Manifest, we can reach these artists and also the crowds that come to our events. It’s a great opportunity to invite Christian artists to perform, to challenge them to preach and disciple them in how they can do this better, and to encourage them to reach the lost through their art. Jesus always does amazing stuff through us when we seek Him with a desperate heart and trust in His will.


Can you share some stories of what God has done through these events?
The cool thing about Manifest is we are inviting influential, secular artists to perform and we have this amazing backstage area where we get to hang out with them. Because we love Jesus and He has changed our lives, and because of how powerful He is and how much He loves us, we can talk with these bands about life and their art. We support what they are doing, but also speak to their hearts. We see how they are living, listen to their challenges and struggles - and then we are able to share Jesus with them. We also pray with them, start real relationships with them, and spend time with them. It has been amazing.


This year, we had two Manifest events in Sao Paulo and at both, No Longer Music [who was on tour in Brazil, photographed below] preached. We then had this follow-up meeting, inviting people to Bible studies. There were so many people, we had to start two Bible studies here in Sao Paulo, in two different areas. Many people have started to follow Jesus since that event. I love that we can preach to the crowds, and also have personal conversations with people about Jesus, all in one event.


How can the Come&Live! community be praying for you and what you are doing?
God is opening new doors for my band Lumière, and I believe He wants to reach our generation. He wants to use not only my band, but many of us, powerfully. I would appreciate you praying for big, open doors for us to preach to many people, and for God to give us courage to not compromise the message. For us to always be brave to share who Jesus is from the stage.

Also for Manifest. We want to grow and work with bigger artists, because it is an amazing tool. Our last event had 4,000 people, and we believe that God is inviting us to a new level. Please pray for wisdom for our team, and for the Holy Spirit to be present in everything we are doing. Without Him, this is nothing. And pray for more artists to be sharing the message of Jesus at big concerts and small concerts, through all forms of art.

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