Fruit on the Mountain

John 15: 16 – “You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you. And appointed you to bear fruit – fruit that will last….”
Chad Johnson

Chad is the founder of Come&Live!
Instagram: @chadisliving
Twitter: @chadisliving


Believing God for great fruit when traveling the world is way easier than walking through the everyday of life. I’ve experienced seasons where such a high degree of God-sized movement is in motion that there’s no question whether His hand is obviously discernible.

Mountain tops.

Peaks giving us broad perspective - shading circumstances and situations by a different light. From the top, valleys prove plateaus don’t make the prettiest sights. Most of our lives, as creatives or anyone else, aren’t spent at the top. Or around the world.

Jesus came to give us life.

Avoiding valleys is dangerous, even wrong, and yet all too sexy. Mountains make rough places to live. The air is thin, water is scarce and supplies are nearly non-existent. It becomes easy to question my calling, wander into distraction, and fall away from God when I’m living low. We all go through incredibly great times and devastatingly challenging ones. God is consistent. Life is not.

I hit low points.

The times where I’ve seen God accomplish more than I ever could have imagined through me, followed by a mere few days later of not “feeling” or “experiencing” Him at all.
How deceived my five senses can run.
Saturday afternoon was cold and I found myself alone in a home temporarily emptied of wife and kids. I felt the Lord desiring to speak to my heart.

In obedience I reached for my phone and began typing:
Son, I love that you read My Word today.
But have you talked to me?
Have you listened to my voice?
Have we communed together?
I never define our relationship by what good you can do for me, or what you bring me.
I define it by what good Christ has already brought me, including you. I love you with more passion than the world could ever know.
Let My love flow out of you, let it flow freely.
When My love touches the world, nothing can get in the way.
When your love touches the world, it’s still all about you. I have to do it through you.
I desire time with you as more vital than anytime you could spend on others.
Spend time with me and I’ll spend me on you and everyone you touch.

The fruit isn’t my identity, Jesus is. Fruit is an overflow of Christ in me working His way back out. Jesus, be the spark that sets my world ablaze regardless of where I’m standing.

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