Steiger Missions School

The Steiger Missions School is for those who feel called into full-time missionary service with Steiger somewhere around the world.
  • Friday, 04 January 2013 14:13
The 10-week school places a great emphasis on seeking God in a contemplative atmosphere and provides students with the strong spiritual and practical foundations necessary for a lifetime of missionary service. Steiger leaders (including David Pierce) and missionaries from around the globe will provide examples of "real life" missionary work, teaching on a wide range of topics and will introduce students to Steiger's mission, vision, and values.

In addition to lectures, the school includes regular hands-on local evangelistic opportunitIes, a week-long international outreach, corporate prayer and worship, personal time for seeking God and a weekly meeting with a personal mentor.

Upon completion of the school, students can begin the process (internship, practical field experience or further training where necessary) of becoming an official Steiger missionary in the areas of evangelistic art/music, evangelism to secularized global youth, administrative and organizational support, discipleship or church planting.