Colombia [Esto Es Reino] - A Come&Live! Documentary

We had just returned from our first adventure in New Zealand when we received a surprise invitation to visit the beautiful country of Colombia. Our first thought was, “don’t they kidnap people down there?”

  • Friday, 24 October 2014 08:56

We were like most, still assuming the drug cartel was running large and our lives could be in serious danger. Though we did have a couple of “interesting” experiences, we found a beautiful people deeply radiating a passion for Jesus. A people who had been touched, marked even, in a special way.

We fell in love with God’s hand intricately on display over (and through) His people in Colombia. We pray the same happens for you. Come&Live!'s vision is to see This Generation Loving Jesus. The mission of our lives, and this visual story, is to advance the kingdom of God and awaken the world to the love of Jesus.

Though watching is a beautiful first step, it was not meant to be your last.

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