Rivers & Robots began as the solo project of Manchester’s Jonathan Ogden, with the goal of releasing worship songs with a creative sound, often based directly on Bible passages, and produced mostly at home with a laptop, keyboard and guitar. The project’s name came from the combination of acoustic and electronic sounds he liked to use in Rivers & Robot’s music.

Jonathan then decided to grow the project into a full, live band in 2012, going on to record albums and perform as a four-piece.

“As individuals we've been fans of Come&Live! from the moment it started! We've always been very impressed with the heart to create great art that draws people into deeper intimacy with God. We wanted to be part of a family of bands whose main priority wasn't money and fame, but to minister the Father's heart to the world. We love the idea of being involved with a community of musicianaries who can spur each other on and create art that points the world to Jesus – not looking to build a platform for themselves but rather to exalt the name of Jesus in all the nations of the earth.”

“The vision for Rivers & Robots is to write worship songs about God. By that we mean songs that focus on His attributes – so most of what we write tends to focus on how He's holy, loving, kind, true, etc. Initially, being a worship band, we saw ourselves as ministering primarily to the Church – however as time went on, we began to notice non-Christians were checking out our stuff, and doors are now wide open to play in front of them regularly. We run monthly worship nights in club venues in Manchester, where we invite those who don’t know Jesus yet to come and encounter the presence of God, and we share the Gospel and pray with them.”

The band now live as missionaries, and spend their time leading worship in churches, clubs and festivals, and doing mission trips in different cities around the UK, Europe and Asia. They also run a nonprofit organization called Set Sail, with the aim of raising up creative worship and art in the UK.



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