“Pete and I both saw Chad Johnson’s first documentary in New Zealand before we even knew each other, and we were so inspired by it, we both separately decided to use film to share the Gospel! It was that choice that brought us together and later led us to work with Steiger and shoot a documentary of the Steiger/Come&Live! band “No Longer Music” during their 2014 tour. On that same trip, we met Chad and have since been working on different projects together. Being part of Steiger over the last several years  just naturally led us to joining the Come&Live! Artist Community.”

“It often feels so lonely as a creative, and especially as one with a missional focus. Having a whole family of people on this same journey together, cheering you on and challenging you to walk the road less traveled, is awesome! Come&Live! is a family of creative legends. It’s community. We love that.”

As Scruffhouse, we believe that film is the most effective way of connecting with our generation, so that’s the medium we want to use to boldly communicate Jesus to them. In a world saturated by the fake and filtered, a craving for real story has become our focus.

Our heart is to create a sustainable nonprofit that enables us to advance the Gospel, serving Christian ministries and nonprofit organizations through film, and equipping others to do the same.



C&L! Artist Interview - Scruffhouse

12 Jul 2016

Australian born and bred, Scruffhouse, is our latest addition to the C&L! artist roster. I had the absolute privilege of taking a little time to chat with Peter from Scruffhouse.

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