Coming together at the end of 2006 in Bogotá, Colombia, Sobre Todo Nombre (Above All Names), hit the scene both locally and nationally with the goal of using Hardcore/Progressive Metal to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever they performed.

“The reason I joined the band,” says Joani Gomez, STN vocalist and band leader, “was to use the powerful tool of music to impact people. We found that it was much more effective to reach kids using a hardcore show than just inviting them to a church service.”

In 2010, Joani discovered Come&Live! through some YouTube videos, and invited them to a local festival that he was involved with in Bogotá. They accepted, and out of their time in the country, the documentary “Colombia - Esto es Reino” was borne.

“After that festival and meeting Chad Johnson and his crew, it became my dream to be part of such an amazing ministry. We shared the same vision, and we were involved in the same music scene. In 2011, Chad asked me to develop Come&Live! in South America, so we officially began hosting an annual conference in Colombia.”

STN released a couple of demos and then recorded their first EP, Abba Father, in July 2011. Then, after an almost two year hiatus, Joani moved to Madrid, Spain and joined forces with with the first guitarist and co-founder of the band, Felipe Rodriguez, who had since moved to Norway. With a new band line up, they entered the studio in Madrid and recorded their recently released EP, Battleground.

Europe can be one the most hostile locations to preach the Gospel, but with the band now based out of Kristiansand, Norway, they decided to take the risk and use STN to impact a world in need of the love and transformation of Jesus Christ.

“Music is the strongest way to reach people on a massive scale. I've had the opportunity to use the band (STN) as a tool to present Jesus in every city and country that we play in, with more than 30.000 who have heard the gospel.”



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