SSwag Movement was founded by Grammy-nominated hip hop artist XROSS (pronounced Cross), and is a conglomerate of 1 Way Entertainment hip hop artists, singers, and volunteers who have come together to form a powerful team.

“Hip hop started on the streets of the inner city and now reaches as far as the suburbs and common marketplaces. We have positioned ourselves as global messengers, using this tool of communication as a relevant means of spreading the Gospel to save today’s generation.”

Sswag Movement was created as a way to communicate the Gospel outside of the Church to a generation who otherwise would not hear it. The group is known for delivering high-energy, live concerts and community street outreach events.

“We are Sswag Movement, which stands for Stop Satan’s Work Against God. We make our music and message for the streets and the unchurched - the secular culture. More importantly, the majority of our shows, performances, and platforms are outside the Church, in unorthodox places. We pride ourselves on making music that is cutting-edge, with the Gospel speaking into real-life issues. Our sound and videos all have a relevant and mainstream appeal.”

Their debut album Counter Culture is catching fire as a free download on with a free new single being released every week!

“We believe Come&Live! has the heart of Jesus when it comes to its approach to music ministry and making disciples. We’ve chosen to join them because we love the excellence they require and the over-the-top creativity they display. We believe we are called to this same creativity level through hip hop and want to reach every inner city across America.”

“We like Come&Live!’s serious, intimate, and long-term approach to discipling artists that have been called to music ministry. We believe a biblical foundation is the most important element of the Gospel presentation. We like the global call to music ministry and the primary target of reaching the secular culture in the darkest places, where traditional churches don’t go.”


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