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Random Lies

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If anyone tells you that the world is just a random result of time plus chance, they expose the contradiction in this theory just by using language to communicate it to you. Language itself is not even close to random.

I communicate my thoughts to someone else by making various sounds. With these sounds, I share deep emotional feelings or precise details. These sounds can also be written down on paper and transmitted through a text that someone else can understand. You can’t exaggerate how complex language is! Language is really a supernatural thing when you think about it.

And it is the furthest thing from random.

All languages follow strict rules of grammar and pronunciation. These rules are precise, structured, and mathematical. Language is not chaotic. When speech is random and chaotic, it is unintelligible.   If I want to be understood by someone else, I am forced to learn and follow these strict rules. Try and learn another language, and you will very quickly become aware that this is a law that cannot be broken.

Music is the same - it is not random, either. Great music (no matter what the genre) is always governed by rules of rhythm, key, and groove. If I want to be a successful songwriter, I have to follow the rules. 

Artists that try to break free from these rules, only make “noise,” not music. Even when I was in a punk band in Amsterdam, this was the case. The punk scene and its music was a movement dedicated to anarchy. 

“NO RULES!!” was its mantra in the ‘80s.

But good punk music was (and still is) anything but random. Even anarchistic bands had to “follow the rules” if they were going to create good punk music - that is, if they wanted to play in the punk clubs and festivals and get out of their mother’s basement.    

It seems everything everywhere points to rules that govern existence, not randomness. There are millions of examples that support this, and I challenge anyone to give me an instance where I am wrong. Nature itself testifies to a created order. Everything in our human bodies and in creation points to a complex and miraculous design, governing all things in a remarkable and detailed way.

I don’t think it’s really honest to ask questions like, “Is there a designer that put all this complexity in motion?” When you see a Mercedes, you don’t think that it just came about because of a random explosion in a steel factory. If you would take this position, people would find you amusing at best or delusional, at worst. Any thinking person knows that a complicated car like that had to be designed and built by someone.

So when you look at a world with millions of complexities and immutable laws, it is not rational to ask if there is a designer. The rational question can only be, “What is this designer like?”

Is this designer indifferent to the state of the world today? Is this supreme being far away, or is this a creator who cares about us? Is this creator good or evil?

Don’t follow the herd and believe the lie of randomness. Seek to know the truth about your existence. This is the most important question in all of life.
David Pierce

David Pierce is the founder of Steiger International and the band No Longer Music. He is also the author of "Rock Priest" and "Revolutionary".
Instagram: @therockpriest
Twitter: @TheRockPriest

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