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Provoke&Inspire Podcast

Bi-weekly podcasts featuring Chad Johnson, Luke Greenwood, Ben Pierce and David Pierce as well as other members of the C&L! Community

 In this episode, Ben, Courtney, Jodi, and Ania band together for another edition of Ladies Night (During The Day!) to discuss the topic of perfectionism.

They talk about how God has made us uniquely different, how holding to some cultural standard of perfection actually limits us from becoming who we need to be, and how it can create intense selfishness.

All of this and more on P&I!

In this episode, Ben and David speak with apologist Julia Garschagen of RZIM ministries.

They discuss questions such as, “How can we spread the love and hope of Jesus, and how can we address people’s questions as they become more existential during a time like this?”

David speculates about Luke's absence, shares a story of airport confusion, Nigel gets his two cents in, and much more on P&I.

In this episode, Ben and David interview frontman for the band Silent Planet, Garrett Russell.

Among many things, they discuss the importance of personal engagement with, and listening to, the people you are trying to reach. Garrett also shares about his personal experience with mental health issues.

David AND Garrett both share (random) stories about obtaining free foods, including an unsavory moment at an Olive Garden. All this and more on P&I!

In this episode, Ben, David, and Luke talk with special guest Ryan Ries from The Whosoevers. 

They ask questions such as, "What does God want us to do when we come out of this?" And "how much value should we put on eschatology during this time?", 

Nigel tries to recruit our guest for the RLIUA, and David shares a story from his days in Los Angeles on P&I!

In this episode, Ben, Courtney, Ania, and Jodi discuss the topic of vanity in our lives as followers of Jesus.

They ask questions such as, "how much emphasis should we put, or not put, on external beauty?" How do we accept ourselves?" "How does Godliness hold value not only for our present life but for eternity as well?"

Jodi shares a story of transforming her son into a sheep and much more on this Ladies Night edition of Provoke&Inspire!

In this episode, Ben, David, and Luke talk with author, speaker, and former vocalist of the band 'For Today', Mattie Montgomery.

“Are we ready to receive a revival in the church today?”, “Are we leading our families spiritually the way we should be?”

David laments all the homeschooling he seems to be currently enduring, Nigel asks the big question to Mattie and much more on P&I!

In this episode, Ben, David, and Luke talk with pastor Neal Rich of Cedar Valley Church about what the current crisis is teaching us.

They ask questions such as, "Is my value in what I do, or in Whose I am?" and, regarding the church, "how should we address services and rituals in this modern age"? David does NOT share a random story but instead decides to distance from Luke indefinitely socially, and much more on Provoke&Inspire!

In this episode, Ben, Luke, and David continue to explore the spiritual implications in the development of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In light of the current crisis, they ask, “What have we taken for granted?”, as well as, “What is it that we hope never returns to normal?”

David shares a story of a past videographer who slept in a rabbit cage and much more on P&I!

In this episode, Courtney, Jodi and Ania once again take the helm of the podcast for Ladies Night (during the day).

They discuss how should we view Easter, in the absence of church services, as well as how the resurrection of Jesus translates into hope for everyday life.

Jodi shares a refreshing, fact-laden, and coherent random story from her early days of ministry in Amsterdam, and Luke is generously complimented on his aesthetic qualities.

All of this and more on P&I!

In this episode, Ben, David, and Luke talk with licensed therapist and pastor Todd Riggs.

They discuss how the current COVID-19 crisis is affecting the mental health of our world, how we can take care of ourselves, and how we can share the hope of knowing Jesus during this time.

David recalls a story of Luke being humiliated, purportedly, in Atlanta, and much more on P&I!

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