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Provoke&Inspire Podcast

Bi-weekly podcasts featuring Chad Johnson, Luke Greenwood, Ben Pierce and David Pierce as well as other members of the C&L! Community
Thursday, 09 July 2020 20:21

Episode 258: Can Anyone Really Be "Good?"

In this Ladies' Night edition of Provoke & Inspire, Ben is joined by Courtney, Jodi, and Ania for a discussion on Goodness - a fruit of the spirit as described in scripture. As the title suggests, they examine the idea of people embodying Goodness in their lives, and how the Holy Spirit fits into the equation.

In this episode, Ben and the regulars discuss the difficulty in sharing the Gospel and why Christians so ubiquitously shy away from it. They discuss taking risks, motivations, and the idea of spiritual apprenticeships in the church.

In this episode, Ben is joined by the Ladies (Courtney, Jodi, and Ania) for a discussion about anxiety and true peace, as described in the scriptures to be a fruit of the spirit.
They discuss Tim Keller framing anxiety as "to be in pieces," and how we can trust God as our singular anchor in life.

In this episode (originally recorded in November 2019), Ben, David, and Luke are joined by Tim Keller for a discussion on presenting Jesus to a culture that rejects the moral claims of Christianity.

Thursday, 02 July 2020 10:10

Episode 255: Am I Cool Enough?

In this episode, Ben is joined by Aaron, David, and Luke for a discussion on trends and utilizing the tools of our age for the gospel without being corrupted by them.

In this episode Ben, Courtney, Ania and Jodi talk about the spiritual fruit of patience and how we can develop it in an age of insta-everything.

In this episode, Ben is joined by Luke, David, and Aaron for a discussion on whether or not we as Christians should aim to change society, or if we should simply focus on preaching the gospel, knowing that society is hopeless.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020 20:00

Episode 251: Special Guest Greg Boyd!

In this episode, Ben, David, Luke, and Chad are joined once again by pastor and speed-metal drummer Greg Boyd!

On the topic of racism, they discuss how as a society, we, whether consciously or unconsciously, tend to defend the structures in life that 'work for us,' even if that structure or system oppresses other people. 
They also discuss how people are held individually responsible by God, though we live in light of these systems.

In this episode, Ben, Chad, and David welcome Shane Claiborne back to the show for a conversation about how we should live as Christians during this time, how we can embrace a lifestyle of non-violence, and see God's kingdom come in the area of racial reconciliation.

In this episode, Ben is joined by Courtney, and Jodi for a discussion on entering the battle of faith, finding true rest, and how Jesus radically redefines it all.

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