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Provoke&Inspire Podcast

Bi-weekly podcasts featuring Chad Johnson, Luke Greenwood, Ben Pierce and David Pierce as well as other members of the C&L! Community

In this episode, the guys come together to honor the amazing Ravi Zacharias, remembering his incredible ministry and what will be a lasting legacy.

They discuss what made Ravi different from other teachers and evangelists, and what we can learn from the distinct characteristics he displayed during his long, fruitful, and faithful career as an itinerant speaker. 

We love you, Ravi!

In this episode, the guys sit down with John Mark Comer of Bridgetown Church for a conversation on the topics of spiritual formation, as well as hurry and how it affects our spiritual lives negatively. 

In this episode, the guys discuss how to know whether or not to continue in what you feel called to, or when to change direction.

They also discuss what to do if you are on the right path, but stray into wrong motives; as well as fundamentally committing to God, and living life as He leads you through it.

We invited Moah Buffalo, a long time friend, and Steiger missionary, to reflect on the Ahmaud Arbery shooting. He shares stories of the racism he's personally experienced, and how God has given him the strength to share his love in these terrible situations.

You won't want to miss this powerful episode!

Thursday, 14 May 2020 19:47

Episode 234: Do Our Feelings Matter?

In this Ladies' Night edition of Provoke&Inspire, the Ladies, plus Ben, talk discuss the hot topic of feelings and emotions.

They discuss how we all have days of feeling "off."; that it's part of the human experience. But they also ask, "How do we sort between valid and invalid emotions and feelings?" And what role do feelings play in the life of a follower of Jesus?

Don't miss this critical episode of P&I!

In this episode, the guys talk with Josh Porter, former singer of the band Showbread!

They discuss how we are being formed spiritually by outside forces, whether we like it or not, how we need to embrace the disciplines of our faith, and how Christian art can be so dead.

Nigel attempts to gain Josh as a supporter, and Chad’s features shine on this episode of Provoke & Inspire!

 In this episode, we discuss how to share the Gospel with relevance and love, without compromising the essence of the message! 

We invite a friend of the show, Luke Collis, to share his experience as an evangelist in New Zealand.

This is a critical discussion for every believer! 

 In this Ladies Night (during the day!) edition of Provoke&Inspire, Ben, Courtney, Ania, and Jodi talk through the culturally rampant topic of individualism.
They discuss how we've been programmed to be independent, not to trust people, and how this leaves us lonely. They also talk about how, in this culture, we end up running from the relationships that would be the best for us.

Jodi shares a random story involving peanut butter and rodents and living in Amsterdam. This and much more quality listening on today's P&I!

 In this episode, Ben, David, Luke, and Chad talk with Tommy Green, former frontman for the band Sleeping Giant.

They talk about Christian celebrities, transitions in life and ministry, and whether God is using the current crisis in teaching the church to better embrace authentic community.

Luke pushes his new non-profit, "Fruit Boots 4 Life", and much more on today's P&I!

 In this episode, Ben, David, Luke, and Chad are joined again by Skillet frontman John Cooper!

They discuss how the current pandemic has stripped away all of the things that we as a society have put our faith in, how technology is unable to meet our spiritual needs, and how powerful the word of God is as we read it.

David shares a story involving a former band member named Klondike, and the Rolling Stones. All of this and more.

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