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Provoke&Inspire Podcast

Bi-weekly podcasts featuring Chad Johnson, Luke Greenwood, Ben Pierce and David Pierce as well as other members of the C&L! Community

Day five of the lockdown Livestream includes two of our leaders from Ukraine and Brazil. In this episode we get the global perspective, and David challenges us to not accept the crisis, but to cry out to God and ask Him to intervene!

Move over podcast regulars; the wives are taking over! Finally, some truth and wisdom during this global crisis! 

Check it out! 

In this episode, we invited Brian Head Welch from the band Korn to share his thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic and how to stay sane, full of faith, and bold for Jesus! 

Check it out! 

In Lockdown Livestream #2, the guys discuss how to be bold during this global crisis, without being reckless and endangering others. They ask, "how can we share the Gospel when everyone is afraid to be near each other?" Don't miss this critical discussion! 

In this episode, Ben and David go live for a special edition of Provoke&Inspire, where they talk about the need to place our trust in Jesus alone. They talk about how we should be making the most of this period of time by strengthening those foundations of faith and displaying genuine hope to our neighbors around us.

David recalls a story of trying to use humor to diffuse the tension of a different national emergency and much more on this week’s P&I!

In this episode, Ben, David, and Luke discuss the role of theology in the life of a believer. They ask, "how can we avoid the extremes of either living without it, or letting it make us dry and stuffy?" They also share some additional thoughts on the coronavirus. How do we overcome fear? What would Jesus have us do in the face of a crisis like this? 

David launches immediately into the story of a prank involving a "secret concert in Iraq," which left many in tears, despite the fresh chicken. All this and more on this week's P&I!

In this episode, Ben, Luke, and David discuss the Coronavirus. Is it bad? If so, how bad? They discuss the media, globalism, and our tendency to panic as a culture. Most importantly, they ask, "how should a follower of Jesus respond to global events, like pandemics? Could this be a healthy reminder of our dependence on God? Can this be an opportunity for the Gospel?" 

Davids reminisces of Luke's former band, 'Zombie Apocalypse Boy Rangers', and much more on this week's P&I!

In this episode Ben, Luke, and David have another inspiring conversation with author and Christian activist Shane Claiborne.

They discuss the United States’ use of the death penalty, how we should use Jesus as the filter through which we interpret all scripture, and how to have the correct motivation for pursuing justice in our world

Nigel continues his campaign trail, and David laments the fact that everyone is always trying to help him

Thursday, 20 February 2020 19:56

Episode 200: Radical Faith, Not Dead Religion!

When we started this podcast a few years back, we had no idea how long it would last. But here we are, at our 200th episode!

We've cried, we've laughed, we've heard a lot of random stories. We've been able to interview some pretty amazing people from around the world.

One thing is for sure: we would've stopped long ago if it wasn't for all of you! Thanks for all of your support along the way!

We can't wait to record the next 200!

In this episode, Ben, David, and Luke speak with international speaker and evangelist Ben Fitzgerald. 

They discuss how we can let God work through us in everyday life, the element of courage in following the holy spirit’s promptings, and how we should guard against becoming professional Christians.

David tells a story of Asian Cuisine, and Nigel returns, all on this week’s P&I!

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