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Provoke&Inspire Podcast

Bi-weekly podcasts featuring Chad Johnson, Luke Greenwood, Ben Pierce and David Pierce as well as other members of the C&L! Community

In this episode, Ben, David, and Luke speak with international speaker and evangelist Ben Fitzgerald. 

They discuss how we can let God work through us in everyday life, the element of courage in following the holy spirit’s promptings, and how we should guard against becoming professional Christians.

David tells a story of Asian Cuisine, and Nigel returns, all on this week’s P&I!

In this episode, Ben and David talk with special guest Scott Klusendorf from the Life Training Institute. 

They discuss whether or not abortion is an "all or nothing" battle, and how we engage the issue without compromise, but with grace and truth.

A cat assaults an Australian man, who, in turn, attacks others (at least according to David), and much more on this week's P&I!

In this episode, Ben, David, and Luke discuss the hot topic of heresy in the church.

They ask, “should we be the modern-day heresy police?” and, “how should we properly call out serious issues when we see them?”

David adds another (and hopefully the final) chapter to Ben’s childhood exposé, and Nigel is nowhere to be found. All of this and more on this week’s P&I!

In this episode, Ben and David discuss the idea that It’s not enough to just have a vision for our lives, but that we need to have Godly burdens.

Related to this, they discuss the idea that if we make knowing Jesus our number one priority, everything will fall into its proper place despite our circumstances.

Luke takes a week off to attend a specialized class, and much more on this week’s P&I!

In this episode, Ben and David talk once again with influential pastor and author Chip Ingram! They discuss questions such as, "how do you have spiritual ambition, without it yielding anxieties?", and "What does it mean to Abide, as taught in John 15?".

They share how their New Year's resolutions are going as of the one week mark, David chronicles his family's pet history, and Nigel strikes again all on this week's episode of P&I!

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Living On The Edge with Pastor Chip Ingram

In this episode, Ben, David, and Luke discuss a video from taken from the YouTube channel titled Mr. Atheist which highlights assumptions Christians often make about Atheistic people.
The guys discuss New Year’s resolutions in response to the growing digital addictions of our age, and David shares a story of horses and chafing, all on this week’s episode of P&I!

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Steiger International 2019 Recap Video
Mr. Atheist on YouTube

Friday, 20 December 2019 22:06

Episode 192: Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

In this episode David and Ben take time out of the busy Christmas season to address a community member's question about humor.

They discuss if God actually has a sense of humor, if Christians are actually limited by their faith when it comes to this topic, and whether or not Christian Comedians should be a thing.

Ben responds to a call about his social security number being compromised, and much more on this week's P&I!

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In this episode, Ben and David chat with prominent New Age thinker turned Christian apologist, Steven Bancarz.

They ask questions such as, "is meditation harmful or helpful?" "are New Age ideas infiltrating the church?" and, "is yoga an acceptable practice for Christians?"

With a sub-Saharan cat question posed by Nigel, and a random story that just...well, burns, you won't want to miss this week's P&I!

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Steven Bancarz
The Second Coming of the New Age book on Amazon
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In this episode, Ben, David, and Luke talk about the cultural demographic in which singer-songwriter Billie Eilish has risen to stardom.

They discuss its epidemic of suicide, drug use, addiction, and how we should address these issues as Christians.

Ben also brings up the topic of New Year’s resolutions, and presents a related challenge to the listening audience.

David recalls an incident from long ago involving Luke, a monastery, and a small kitchen window. 

All this and more on this week’s P&I!

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They talk about the challenge of relying on God instead of past successes, Josh shares about overcoming personal challenges, and finding Jesus as his strength when his own had failed.

David's random story adds a chapter to a common theme in his life, and Nigel asks yet another probing question, all on this week's P&I!

Steiger Missions School (SMS)
Josh Garrels
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