Monday, 25 February 2019 21:04

If Timothy Had Instagram... (Part 2)

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“Broaden your social media reach.” (1Tim.2:1-7)  Recently, we released a podcast discussing social media addiction. There are certainly a lot of challenges…
Monday, 18 February 2019 17:21

We Are ALL Internet Addicts

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*This blog post is a follow-up to Episode 145 of the Provoke & Inspire Podcast: “Episode 145: Are We All Addicted to…
Wednesday, 13 February 2019 17:29

Standing up for Life

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*This blog post is a follow-up to Episode 143 of the Provoke & Inspire Podcast: “Episode 143: How Would Jesus Respond to…
Wednesday, 06 February 2019 19:09

The Deeper Truth Behind the Common Cliché

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Outside of the Church, the prevailing mindset is Secular Humanism. This is the idea that religion is an irrelevant tradition of the…
Tuesday, 29 January 2019 19:00

Shouting Is a Very Spiritual Activity

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Many people don’t realize it, but shouting is a very spiritual activity - in fact, it could be the key for a…
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