“My work as a missionary with Steiger has always seemed like a perfect hand in glove fit, seeing that we hold the same values. I first came in contact with Come&Live! at the Cornerstone Festival back in 2011, and then when Come&Live! joined hands with Steiger, becoming a part of that was such a natural step for me.”

For over a decade, The Suitcase Sideshow has been best known as a traveling theater that brings the hope of the Gospel to the far corners of the earth through the use of marionettes, music, and shadow puppetry. Its vintage-style marionette street performances, using a steamer trunk as a stage, have been translated into over ten languages and made their way into homeless shelters, juvenile detention centers, farms, brothels, parks, orphanages, theaters, community centers, street corners, and any other place where there is a crowd.

Today however, founder and director, Philip Shorey, likens The Suitcase Sideshow to a sort of art house, made up of many different rooms. In some, you’ll still find marionette productions like their current one, “The Sailor and the Boat.” Wandering into other rooms, you stumble upon publications such as Philip’s Kill Your Art (a guide to using street performance to creatively share the message of Christ) and his evangelistic Curse of the Vampire comic tract. Some rooms feature workshops and others are animated with music, including an album with pieces from their marionette shows.

Philip Shorey and The Suitcase Sideshow’s desire is not only to use their art to proclaim the message of Jesus in the unlikeliest of places, but also to aid other artists in making the biggest impact possible with their gifts.

“I like that Come&Live! attracts people who are true to the Gospel, and not wavering from biblical truth. I enjoy the podcasts, and the comradery Come&Live! is developing amongst artists, allowing us to grow and be sharpened by one another like iron on iron.”

Kill Your Art

“This is not a book about art that glorifies art. This is a book about killing your art, and surrendering it to Jesus in order for your gift to reach its greatest potential.”

Come&Live! artist Philip Shorey, founder and director of The Suitcase Sideshow marionette theater, will take you through the creative process to discover what it takes—from a biblical perspective—to be an artist and a messenger of Jesus Christ, using street performance as the creative medium.



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