When we think Middle East, we typically envision violence, fear and hostile nations completely beyond gospel reach. Though I had no clue what to expect, I didn’t anticipate countless misrepresented youth, whose worldview is shaped as much by global culture as their own religious heritage. I assumed we would be rejected, and often. Instead, we found arms and hearts wide open to us, and to Jesus.
Youth Rising: Middle East is aimed at bringing to light the globalized Middle East youth culture - inspiring you to reach them.

“Here in Lebanon we refer to cancer as “that disease,” we don’t even say cancer. Whenever someone would say “I have that disease” it would mean cancer.” Meet Stefanie, the eldest daughter to a Muslim family from Lebanon, who was diagnosed with a rare form of terminal cancer.
“Jesus, I really don’t want to die today. I wrapped my arms around him while the only thought going through my head was, maybe it will be harder for him to get to a knife...”
“I have no joy, but I recognize joy in you. I want what you have.” This story was captured in Izmir, Turkey when a small band of politically-party fanatics tried disrupting an evangelistic concert.
“God is a talking God. If you ask Him from your heart, He will answer you.” Ghaith shares his unbelievable Jesus-encounter that radically changed his life. God wants to changes yours too.
“I come from a radical Muslim background, where I was very passionate and I’ve always loved to read.” Meet a man who encountered Jesus purely by reading the Quran and The Bible, then compared the two.
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