When we think Middle East, we typically envision violence, fear and hostile nations completely beyond gospel reach. Though I had no clue what to expect, I didn’t anticipate countless misrepresented youth, whose worldview is shaped as much by global culture as their own religious heritage. I assumed we would be rejected, and often. Instead, we found arms and hearts wide open to us, and to Jesus.
Youth Rising: Middle East is aimed at bringing to light the globalized Middle East youth culture - inspiring you to reach them.

“I have no joy, but I recognize joy in you. I want what you have.” This story was captured in Izmir, Turkey when a small band of politically-party fanatics tried disrupting an evangelistic concert.
“God is a talking God. If you ask Him from your heart, He will answer you.” Ghaith shares his unbelievable Jesus-encounter that radically changed his life. God wants to changes yours too.
“I come from a radical Muslim background, where I was very passionate and I’ve always loved to read.” Meet a man who encountered Jesus purely by reading the Quran and The Bible, then compared the two.
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